Samsung Galaxy Note 4,LG G3, Moto X 2014,HTC One M8,Sony Xperia Z3 Compact,Nexus 6 deserves a spot on the top 5 list, Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Top 5 Android Phones

Top 5 Android Phones This is an exciting time for the smartphone market. Android phones are flying at us from different directions and in different versions. Manufacturers are upgrading as often as possible, and they are beefing up their flagships with the latest specs to entice consumers. While a year ago, a 720p screen was…

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How to extend your iPhone Battery Life.Even if you can only use a few of these tech tricks you should see your battery performance improve.

How To Make Your iPhone Even Better

How To Make Your iPhone Even Better It’s an iPhone World – Like it or not! Everybody who is anybody knows these two simple facts, #1 – People who prefer Google’s Android operating system for their cell phones love to argue, especially those with the higher end phones and #2 – iPhones are the coolest,…

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The Most Underrated Apple iPad FeaturesDocument scanning,Keyboard shortcuts,Presentation control device,Photo editing,Notebook killer,Use it as a remote.

The Most Underrated Apple iPad Features

The Most Underrated Apple iPad Features Nowadays technology has evolved so much that there are literally thousands of options and thousands of small tasks we can do with our Apple iPhones and iPads, and to be honest, we don’t even know about half of them. It might not be a bad idea at all to…

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The New IPhone 6: The Growth | Tech Tricks

The New IPhone 6: The Growth

The New IPhone 6: The Growth Some of the biggest news in the tech world nowadays is about the new Apple product for the year. Whether it be the new iPad or the new iPhone, it’s always the news competing with Android and Samsung’s new products.Last year Apple released the IPhone 6 and the 6…

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